About Us

Mill Master Clothing was started to spotlight the machining trade. As a machinist myself, I want to make machining great again. There is a great sense of satisfaction in taking a piece of material and turning it into something useful. Almost everything you use in daily life was in some way made by a machinist. From the phone in your hand, to the mode of transportation you use to move about, we truly are the backbone of modern society. 

We are struggling, just like other trades, to find strong, confident and like-minded individuals to enter our vast and diverse trade. We want to let everyone know that it is okay to work with your hands as it's not only rewarding, but is also quite lucrative.

This clothing encourages us to be proud of the great responsibility we carry on our backs. To continue supporting modern life and life into the future, we will always be here making' chips, drinking' coffee and using language that would make a nun blush. So here's to us, the ones who turn an engineer's impossible drawing into reality.

- Jimmie Davies, Owner & Founder